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Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
that contribute to a 2010 months. this is just under an hour. >> brought to you by aarp new hampshire. the first congressional district debate. now, live from the wbin studios, charlie sherman. >> welcome to the second of our wbin debate series. it's our pleasure to welcome democrat and republican candidates in the race for the first congressional district of new hampshire. over the next hour we'll focus on the issues that matter most to citizens of new hampshire. but first, the debate rules. kandinsky one minute to respond to direct questions come at 32nd rebuttals will be given as time allows. we'll be doing two rounds of questions in which candidates will have up to 60 seconds to respond. we'll also have questions from our debate sponsor, aarp new hampshire and some questions from new hampshire voters that wbin reporters have collected over the past week. time permitting, will also have a lightning round of questions, were candidates will have 30 seconds to answer those questions. the majority will be posed by our distinguished panel of journalists. tonight on the panel include howard altschi
Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
major lobby groups like pharmaceutical companies and the ama and even the aarp get in the room and force them to make requirements that are for the best interests of the people, we don't have a public option which show that we don't have a public insurance provider because of the different lobbyist groups that everyone is taking money from. >> moderator: angus king, would you like to answer that question? 's before it is already providing benefits to people here in the state of maine. it is covered for a gentleman who is 23 years old, he also was born with a tumor in his brain -- noncancerous, but he probably could not get help for the rest of his life, except for the rules of the affordable care act. so i think it is an important step forward. it does not cut medicare benefits. he relocates the money into the medicare system. the aarp, right down there on the screen has confirmed that. the next issue is cost. and the affordable care act actually have some pilot programs, several of which are right here in the state of cynthia maine. i think it's very important. >> moderator: do you disa
Nov 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
vote, alzheimer's, there's a lobbyist literally for aarp, senior citizens center. everybody in the room is represented by somebody in washington. the difference is you take their advice or you take their cash. tester: you take a look at donation report and see the favor he cut for the folks who donate to his campaign. and the connection is absolutely clear. you will not see that. i made decisions based on what montana people tell me. i don't talk about it, by the way. we go back and get policy passed. we get things done for the veterans and sports men and women and numerous ore people who were farmers and ranch perhaps the bottom line is you don't do that by saying you depend upon lobbyiest. rehberg: he's trying to mislead the anemia montana. i hear from the alzheimer's and cancer society. i make my best decision with some of the best people i work with are in head start. the difference is i take their information and try and make the right decision on what they here montana. he takes the cash, visa, mastercard for having carried legislation on behalf of those industries. i support smal
Nov 19, 2012 12:00pm EST
this time aarp. it's worth noting, i think, that romney tried to appeal in some respects to all factions, all conservative factions, on immigration. he repeatedly said that he was in favor of more legal immigration emphasizing legal, but, also, particularly in the primary season, took a harder line on the question of illegal immigration. what we at aei decided to do in the wake of the election is convene a thoughtful pam of folks to discuss conservatives and immigration reforms. now, i should note that this is the american enterprise institute for public policy research. it is not the institute for figuring out how to get conservatives elected or how to get republicans elected. we're interested in finding the right solutions to public policy, problems, and issues, and immigration is no different. i asked the panel is that while the temptation in the present moment will be to talk solely about immigration in the context of electoral politics, and it's certainly an interesting and appropriate thing to do, it's more important we make progress in analyzing and elevating sound public policy o
Nov 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
. the entire event is life on the web site, with and this is a partnership between aarp and the university of southern maine. one to give a quick word but the format tonight. the questions are of several different sources including the editorial board as well as the viewers and e-mails and we want the debate to be truly interactive which means we want to hear from you. paul is standing by live on the web site, facebook and plater. >> we have good questions coming in. this is your chance to ask the candidates anything you want. you can log on to the facebook page and go on to and took part in the discussion and we will ask the best discussions in the next hour. >> we will have one minute to answer the questions and the rebuttal will be the moderator's discretion. with so many candidates and coin tosses out of the question we will be giving an alphabetical order and starting with an opening statement from each candidate we will begin with independent. the evening. i am so happy to be here. this debate as well as the others you are not going to get a lot of detail
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5